Friday, December 23, 2011


Christmas in New York is magical.  The city truly does have a palpable energy, and Christmastime is New York’s moment to shine.  The Salvation Army collectors ring their bells while dancing and handing out free cds to those, like my Grace, who gave their own pocket change.  The crowds seem more pleasant.  The pace slightly slower.  

Grand Central Station

This was our second trip in as many weeks.  Greg scored another point for getting tickets for us to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  Having a Dad that works in Manhattan has some advantages....  It has to, in order to offset the major disadvantages (mainly that he is never home!).  

Our seats...

The show is nothing short of spectacular.  My girls were enthralled.  Flash photography was not allowed, but I was able to catch some of the main acts with my flash-free setting.

The Reindeer opened the show.

A visit to the North Pole.

There was 3-D incorporated into the show.  I did not like this.  Not only do I dislike 3-D movies, this scene was meant to be a video game being played at the North Pole.  The point of the video game was to spread Christmas cheer.  I felt this update took away from the nostalgia of an old-fashioned Christmas show.

My favorite....Christmas in New York.

Nutcracker Suite!

The closing....the live Nativity Scene.  Breathtaking.

Fortunately for us, due to a misprint or miscalculation on the part of Radio City, our tickets were assigned for the 21st rather than the 22nd.  This meant we were going the very same day as some of our favorite people!  They saw the 2:00 show and we saw the 5:00 show, but our paths were able to cross at Rockefeller Center for some hot cocoa and a bit of holiday merriment.

Merry Christmas!

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