Friday, January 6, 2012

Curriculum Changes

We have made some shifts in our curriculum for the winter semester which began for us on January 3rd.  
Math- we are still plugging away at Business Math but at this point the girls are getting a bit bored.  Running a business with a fiscal year of 12 months is too long.  We need to see if their efforts produced a profit for their business at year-end but it is time to move on.  We decided to make Fridays "Business Math Fridays" and plug away a little bit at a time with lots of calculator usage!
Grace began Key To Fractions and is 20 pages into Book 1.  I am using this series with a 7th Grader that I tutor and I love it.  It has 4 books that give comprehensive instruction of fractions.  My plan is to have Grace work on the Key To books for the remainder of 6th grade (including the Key To Decimals, Percents, Measurement,and Geometry).  Then she will have everything she needs to begin a middle school program next year.  
Lilah has moved back into a text book.  Despite my love for experiential learning, Lilah still disliked doing the Business Math program.  In order to insure that she is exposed to what she needs, I have placed her in Horizons Grade 4 text. Each lesson is three pages and takes about 30 minutes to complete.  She is not fussing too much...yet.
Science - This time last year we began our in depth study of botany.  Since Lilah knows so much about animals, and she has a love for learning about insects, we chose Apologia’’s Zoology 1: Flying Creatures.  We pulled out our nature journals and began a new title page.  We ordered a small plexiglass bird feeder that will suction on to our kitchen window so we can feed birds and watch them from the comfort of our dining room table, where we will be learning about them!
As far as our other areas of learning like reading, writing and history, things will stay the same.  We are not going to mess with what is working so well for us!

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