Monday, January 9, 2012

Deer Cam

The cycle of life is something than can be a challenge to observe in a city.  We have had a few opportunities over the years, like when a hawk was dropping dead squirrels onto our sidewalk from the tree tops.  That happened to us twice, while walking!  Ewww and way cool at the same time.
We have a pond where we can observe aquatic birds feeding, snapping turtles mating and an occasional deer stroll by.  But for in the woods wildlife, there is only one place for us to Frog Creek! (pop on over for more pics)
On the last day of hunting season, the Papa at Frog Creek shot his first deer!  It was cleaned and butchered and the meat frozen to be used over the long winter.  The parts that cannot be consumed by humans still serve a purpose.  They were consumed by the  wild things that live on the edges on Frog Creek.  Since MamaK is so amazingly cool, she let us hike to the edge of her property where the deer was dragged and dropped.  A night cam with motion detector photography was set up five feet away on a tree.  We went to collect the camera and identify what came to feast while we were sleeping....

Red Fox


Red Tail Hawk

At Frog Creek we:
  • have seen baby chicks emerge from their shells.
  • have seen goats just hours before and after birth.
  • have seen ducklings grow from adorable sweet creatures into nasty fowl who attack without provocation.
  • have learned about carnivorous plants.
  • have identified paw prints.
  • learned to ride a horse.
  • caught toads by the creek.
  • picked fresh eggs from the chicken coop.

These things I could not give my children on my own. 
Thank you Creeklings for sharing your world of nature with us!

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