Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream Big, Act Small

I have been thinking lately that God placed some people on this earth to accomplish very special things.  They are able and willing to use their lives as a vehicle to inspire, educate, and transform others either directly or indirectly.  I also think that we all have the ability to learn and transform our lives to better humanity in our own small way.  We may not have the ability to impact millions, but if we can impact just one person with a gift of kindness then we have changed our own little corner of the world.
Take Tim Tebow.  He had a hard night Saturday night.  His team suffered a crushing defeat.  But Tim did not.  While his fans and his critics were analyzing each incomplete pass, each sac and whether or not his unconventional style will make him a great quarterback, they are missing the point.  This man is great for reasons other than his ability to roll out of an onslaught of defenders. He is great because while others were celebrating their teams victory or mourning the loss, Yahoo Sports reported that Tim was taking time to visit with Zach McLeod, a young fan who suffered traumatic brain damage while playing football.  He was not drowning in defeat, he was celebrating a young life.  That is what makes him great.  Not his passing yards or his jump passes.  

I contributed $25 to The Tebow Foundation to help him continue the work he has begun.  This man is really just a boy....all of 24 years old.  Look at what he has accomplished.  He will truly do great things.  
Take Mother Teresa, my own spiritual guru.  I have spent time this past year reading about her, and teaching my Sunday School students about her life.  She was a nun, someone who devoted her life to her faith.  In doing so, God choose her accomplish what some consider miracles.   When I question if my actions really amount to much I remember this quote:  
"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."
Take Bethany Hamilton.   I am struck by how inspirational her story is.  Through her faith she was able to overcome a devastating injury and continue on as a surfer and a humanitarian.  Her determination inspires others who may have had hardship in their lives, yet choose not to be deterred.  Grace has been reading Bethany Hamilton's devotional in her Sunday School Class and I am grateful to her teacher for showing the students that you do not have to be a Saint to accomplish great things in your life.  You need to trust in your faith, or your spirituality, trust that there is a greater purpose for your life and move in that direction.  Live life well, with kindness and compassion, smile, laugh, say please and thank you, offer assistance when not asked, thank your God, dream big and act small.
I think that may become my family motto for 2012, dream big, act small.  Tim, Bethany and Mother Teresa give us examples of how we can do this but there are examples around us everywhere.  Lilah’s friend over at Frog Creek raised money for endangered animals.  She wants this to be a year of giving.  The girls’ Girl Scout Troop has raised money for the Red Cross and lots of food for the local food pantry.  My Sunday School classes have raised money for Haiti, donated jeans to Aeropostale’s Teens For Jeans program, and baked dessert for a monthly dinner our church sponsors at a residential treatment facility.  Our family has raised over 1,000 books for local charities.   We have also sponsored a child in Tennessee through Save the Children.  My goal is to accomplish more small acts of charity often.

Check out The Tim Tebow Foundation to see if his philosophy and intentions align with yours. 
 I will post my shirt once it arrives!

**These are my unsolicited thoughts and opinions.  I was not contacted to act on behalf of The Tim Tebow Foundation, despite wishing that very much!

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