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Homeschool Mother's Journal Week of January 9th

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In My Home This Week: The girls had their first basketball game.  For Lilah, it was her first game ever.  Grace has been playing with the Rec League for years and has participated in many clinics with another favorite coach of hers, but this was her first game with a new team and she was apprehensive.  I have never played on a sports team, so I am not the best person to give advice, but the advice I gave was to play hard.    Do not hold back. Do not give up. Earn your place on this team.  
There is so much about competitive sports that I do not like.  But I have to say my girls are fortunate.  They have a coach who cares about each girl as a person as much as he cares about how well they know the game.  He is supportive while being an authority figure.  My girls want to play their best for him.  I don’t know if it gets any better than that!
They both played their best.  At first Lilah looked like a deer caught in headlights as she played the position of center. By by half time she was catching on.  She made two beautiful assists.  She drove with me to the game full of apprehension and fear.  She left the game eager to play again next week.  
In My Home School This Week:  Both girls are part of two separate Destination Imagination teams. Grace’s team has been established and she was asked to join.  Lilah’s team was just formed this past November.  They are working very hard on instant challenges and developing their big team project.  This means lots of driving for me, but it is worth it.  They have their first event: Instant Challenge Day next weekend.  
math: Grace completed Book 1 of Key to Fractions and scored a 96% of the test.  Lilah is working every day on Horizons and still seems to be happy with the choice, even if I can’t yet say she “enjoys” math.  I am disappointed that Horizons does not offer a middle school math program.  I was hoping to use it for Grace next year. I have looked at A Beka math and like the content but I am not sure how Grace will connect to the text.    My friend has the books and I may ask to borrow it for a week and have her try it out.
science: We are working on Flying Creatures.  We did the experiment in Chapter 1 with two straws that demonstrates how differences in air pressure create lift.  
writing: Grace wrote a lovely letter to the President of her father’s company thanking him for the Holiday Party that made one of her dreams come true.  She is not loving writing.  I asked her what she would like to write about, and now we are discussing how to incorporate her interests into her writing.  Lilah is up to page 9 (hand written 8x11 pages) of an amazing story.  Every day she reads me and every day I laugh out loud. You will see why....I truly hope she lets me share it when it is complete.
history:  We rocked.  We finished mapwork for Chapter 7 and completed reading chapter 8.  I still have to update our Book of Centuries but we have the entries listed on our chalk board door. They include Amelia Earhart, Clara Barton, Pres. Lincoln, Yang Chien and Li Yuan.
What We Are Reading:
Lilah was the only one to finish a book this week.  She held off on reading this book because it is the last book in her series and it was very bittersweet.  She is hoping that authors are furiously typing so that new releases may be coming soon.

What I Am Pondering:   My 15th anniversary is this spring and I am tossing around some different ways to celebrate it.  Greg and I had one of those masses that people still talk about 15 years later.  Unfortunately, not for the right reasons.  The priest did not know us, he forgot my name, he insulted my cousin who graciously agreed to play the violin, he was snarky with my flower girl nieces, and he gave the worst sermon in the history of wedding masses.  As I knelt at the alter, I heard Greg’s college friends snickering behind me.  Ah....the memories.   
We are now at a church where we are actively involved and the priest knows my family.  I would love to find a way to commemorate 15 years of marriage in a way that celebrates our love, our family and our faith.  Shel planted an idea in my head.  We’ll see if it sprouts!

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