Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taking Flight

Lilah has wanted to do this forever.  It just so happens that it ties in to our science study of flying creatures.  Love it when that happens.  
You would think that four children, elbow deep in peanut butter and pine cones would make one heck of a mess.  Actually, they did.  But something really amazing happened to this mess.  It was cleaned up.   When I went into the basement to check on their pine cone creations there was not a stray seed to be found.

Perhaps because I am letting my children stretch their own wings and take those tentative first test flights out of the safety of their mother’s nest, they are feeling a bit more responsible and connected to the family.  Before this “mess” was created, the pine cones had to be gathered.  The children wanted to walk to the park alone.  This is the furthest I have let them wander but since they had a purpose, several people, and a cell phone, I let them.  They returned 15 minutes later loaded down with pine cones and covered in sap and smiles.
Lilah took care in placing her pine cone gifts around our yard.   We know the squirrels appreciated her gift.  We are still waiting for the birds to come around.

These pictures were taken by Lilah with my camera.

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