Friday, January 13, 2012

Tales 2 Go

When it comes to purchasing things that the girls will be using for their learning, I can be pretty picky. I hate to waste money on things of poor quality or content. We invest our money in art supplies, books, Amazon Prime, Netflix and the curriculum items they need for their content areas.  
I was recently made aware of Tales 2 Go, a subscription based, database of children’s audiobooks.  The library of stories is vast and the selection of stories range from 10 minute tales of Anansi the Spider, to unabridged versions of classics like Black Beauty.  The subscription was on sale at Homeschool Buyers Coop for half off, or $39.99 for one year.  This is about the equivalent of purchasing two audiobooks off iTunes, or probably what I would owe for a year to the library in late fees on all the books we take out and linger over past the due date.
I have the app on my iPhone so if we are out and about, and I have only one child, she can pick a short story that can be listened to in the duration of our car ride.  If it is not complete, she has the choice to pop in some earbuds and listen to it at home, or just wait for our next trip alone in the car.  Today for example, while driving home from dropping Grace off at DI practice, Lilah picked one of her comfort reads, a 60 minute Judy Moody story.  We will finish it on the way back to pick Grace up.  Viola! One extra book in her literary repertoire!  Love it!

** I was not asked to review this product and received no compensation for my endorsement.   

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