Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art Journaling

I would love to keep a journal like this:

For now I settle for my blog and the little bits of art journaling that I do with my Monday writing group.  My goal is to move these amazing girls away from the idea that their journal is for drawing and towards the idea that it can be a place where art and words merge and meld into something that is unique to the artist and writer.  

The creative process is soothing.  When you are painting, or drawing or writing, your mind is very focused.  Those little distracting, annoying thoughts that pop up all the time are held at bay.  For 90 minutes it does not matter that the carpets need vacuuming or the laundry needs folding.  All that matters is that your words and ideas are transported from mind to paper in a way that is visually pleasing.  

I think the girls’ work is visually pleasing.  

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