Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DI Drawings

Lilah's DI project has required homework....a word that is not often used in our house anymore.  There has been movie watching (documentaries) and Brain Pop viewing (all science) and book referencing (Lilah’s art books).  
I often wonder what type of student Lilah would be if she remained in school.  She (like her Mama) is a major procrastinator. Her homework was to have three pictures completed her her meeting the next day.  At 10:00pm she was found tucked away in her room, fairy lights twinkling, desk lamp glowing, drawing.  She was completely at peace and told me to go to bed ahead of her.  She would turn the light out when she was ready.  
She finished her homework, went to bed very late, and got up early (with no fuss) to attend her practice.
Here is a sampling of the children's art that will be used for their project.  Sorry that I can’t tell you more.  It is top secret.  Stay tuned for more updates......

Grace is also in the midst of a very different DI project.  Her project has involved the use of workshop tools, a tutorial on Garage Band, artwork, trips to the library, history books, writing, and videography.  Unfortunately I do not have access to her practices to take pictures.  A post about her project will be coming soon......

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