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Home School Mother's Journal: Week of Jan. 30th

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In My Home This Week:  This home has one tired Mama!  Two full weeks of a new routine.  I am not able to call this a habit yet for if I did not have Greg waking me up at 5:25 I would never, ever, be able to pull myself out of bed with just an annoying alarm clock!  Monday I start off strong, up and ready to tackle “stuff” but by Friday all I want to do is slip back into my dream for a little longer........
This is working for us.  The house is not a wreck.  I love coming downstairs in the morning to a decluttered living room.  I still have a few things left to be put away like some holiday lights and a few books but that is easy-peasy.  In fact, I will do that this morning!  I love being able to come home and not see piles of work everywhere.  There may be dishes in the sink left over from breakfast but even that is rare because for the most part we are home every morning and our activities/play time is not until the early afternoon.
In My Homeschool This Week: Honoring our morning time is now a habit.  It has been one full month of no morning appointments.  This will change in two weeks when co-op begins again but I don’t fret about that as their opportunities to learn with friends is so worth giving up a morning at home.  It looks like I may be teaching Into to Blogging!  That should be fun!
Our lessons have been moving along.  Nothing new has been started, we are just in a groove of perpetual motion thankfully in the forward direction.
math: Grace has to take the test for book 2 and she will be complete with Key To Fractions Book 2!  In this book she has learned how to find the Greatest Common Factor, how to simplify, how to multiply and divide by using reciprocal fractions.  Lilah has mastered rounding through the millions place.  Her understanding of place value has improved through this  concept.  She has worked on addition, subtraction and multiplication this week with some check writing thrown in for fun!

geography: both girls are working their way through a map skills workbook, one or two pages a day.  They have worked on compass skills, identifying the continents and the major oceans.  I did not plan to have this happen, but their next Girl Scout meeting will take place at our favorite nature center   and they will be trekking through the woods learning how to use a compass and read a map!  I could not have timed this more perfectly.
poetry/cursive: Both girls added a new poem copied in cursive to their binders.  Grace asked me why I feel strongly about this exercise.  I told them it gives them an opportunity to read poetry (both girls take care in selecting their piece).  They get a feel for different poets and hopefully find some whose words resonate in their soul.  They practice cursive (despite the popular push to rid our culture of cursive, I feel good handwriting is vitally important).  Their binder is a place to look back at and see how their artwork has grown, their handwriting has matured and their choices of poems have range and show their maturity as girls.  I love this activity.  It brings them peace and makes them concentrate on a focused activity.  I hope one day they will thank me!
grammar: We talked verbs this week.  Mostly the difference between action verbs and verbs that represent a state of being.  
science:  We completed the reading for Chapter 1 of Flying Creatures.  I had to purchase straws in order for the girls to complete the experiment of constructing and flying their own glider.  That will happen next week.  Grace added two new slides to her PowerPoint presentation.  It looks beautiful.  I love that she is throwing in anecdotal information from the show.  It gives her project a personal touch.  Lilah is almost done with her mosquito lap book.  
writing: Our little writing group kicked off a new year by working on an art and writing activity about goals for 2012.  I shared some of my old journals and pointed out how each began with a list of personal goals.  Some I met and some fell by the wayside.  I loved being able to open to the first page and read a list of what I would like to accomplish.  The girls came up with great goals for this new year.  Some listed being able to do a back handspring, moving up a level in ballet, making it to the DI finals in Tennessee.  Others listed going out into nature, taking a class, traveling to a new state.  

Random Pictures:

1. My growing girl.  Heaven.
2. My favorite eggs.  Fried with a bit of cumin and turmeric with Trader Joe's Refried beans and a tortilla.  Heaven.
3. New organic vegan/vegetarian spot.  Kale, beet, celery and apple.  Heaven.
4. Dinner with friends.  Homemade pad thai. Heaven.

What I am Pondering: What an amazing day I had at our Destination Imagination Instant Challenge Day.  More to come on this topic....


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