Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marble Run

My girls and a bunch of their friends signed up for a class at the Eli Whitney Museum.  The purpose of the class was to construct a marble run.  I thought that this class would tie in nicely to Grace’s interest in physics concepts (remember her Rube Goldberg co-op project?) and give Lilah an introduction to physics.   The more the girls know about physics, the better able they will be to apply their knowledge to the construction challenges they will face in their Destination Imagination challenges.  It was a win/win.  They get educational concepts presented in an entertaining environment and I get a day out in New Haven with my friends!  
In the end I ended up having a better day than the girls.  Lilah’s quote was “I am glad I went, but I did not like it.”  Grace felt the rules imposed by the counselors were arbitrary and meaningless.  Especially the “no running outside rule”.  Seriously?  
Finished projects:

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