Monday, February 20, 2012

Moments to Veg

Karen suggested that I start a new site dedicated to my journey towards becoming vegetarian.  I love the comments from my last post -- they have helped me to set the framework of my next step.  I have been vegetarian for three days!  I am still defining what that means.  I feel if I strictly label myself, then should I stray, and have a real burger rather than a veggie burger, I am setting myself up for failure.  My goal is to be the healthiest me as possible and that involves not eating meat right now.  

I am playing around with a new site, Moments to Veg, which will feature the food choices I make, along with their recipes.  I am using dynamic views to help you quickly find a meal based on the picture of the finished product! 

I would love your feedback.  My goal is for this site to become a place where we can share our own personal food journey.

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