Thursday, March 1, 2012

23 more days....

How is it March?  Seriously.  I would love to know how February slipped by almost unnoticed except for a seriously fun party that will live on in our memories......March.
March means DI State Tournament.  DI has taken over our home and will continue to be our main focus for 23 more days.  My days are spent shuttling my two girls to their team practices.  This week is a slow week, with practices only on   Tuesday and Thursday.  Only Tuesday and Thursday.  Ha!  These two days involve 2 1/2 hours of driving, planning, and preparing.  
Last week when my girls were in a DI frenzy, Grace was asked by someone if they were off for February Vacation.  "I guess so", she replied,  "We did not do much."  OMG I wanted to die. Did she forget that she had a workshop on the software program Garage Band (for her DI project)?  Did she forget that she had classes in woodworking, felting and pottery (at co-op)?  Did she forget that she took an all day class at the Eli Whitney Museum that covered many science concepts?  Did she forget she spent half a day rock climbing? Did she forget she had DI practice?  Did she forget we listened to two audiobooks while we were driving to get back and forth from all these activities?

Do you children feel that if they are not sitting at the table or at a desk with a book open in front of them and a pencil in their hand they are not “doing much”?  Just like when my girls were in school and I would ask at the end of the day, what did you do today and was given the standard answer of "nothin’ much", I detest when my children now say we have done "nothin’ much".  I learned to never ask this question at the end of a school day.  Instead I would ask them to tell me something that made them laugh.  Or what happened during the day that caused frustration. And always... who did you eat lunch? Now it is a bit harder to ask questions like this since most of our time is spent together.  But when other people ask the standard questions, "What did you do this week?" and are met with the standard answer of, "nothin’ much", I feel the level of scrutiny is much greater than if they just came out of a brick and mortar building where you know teaching is occuring, therefore learning is occuring.   
My girls and I (mostly I) decided we would start a web of what they are learning through their participation on a DI team.  We have just begun but so far we have these webs:

I don’t want to supply what I think they have learned. There are many more categories and bullet points I could add to their web (art, community outreach, planning/scheduling, books read, videos viewed, etc.)  I would rather ask questions of them and see that spark of excitement when they realize that what they are doing clearly falls under the category of learning.  I will share our completed web when we are done, in 23 more days.
Then when you ask my girls, what have you done lately? I will cross my fingers and my toes that their reply will be much more informative than "nothin’ much".

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