Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be The Change You Wish To See

Years and years ago, I happened to watch an episode of Oprah that has lived inside me ever since.  She said she did not believe in luck.  Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.
Will Lilah’s DI team be lucky at the State Tournament in two weeks?  No, they won't be lucky.  Luck and DI are not compatible.  This team of six children are prepared.  I cannot wait to see what opportunities lie in store for them.

Last night my child was a part of something that touched the hearts of many people.  Her team flawlessly executed a documentary movie screening of Sharkwater in the hopes of raising money for the protection of threatened animals.  They sold handmade canvas bags, painting, and clay figurines as well as organic fruit.  They showed a sideshow of how this project was planned from the beginning stages to the setting up of the auditorium.  They displayed a board of why this movie should matter to the viewers and they distributed brochures explaining why their team chose this project.  

Friends and family attended along with people we had the opportunity to meet for the first time.  So many things could have gone wrong. Nothing did.  This team was prepared.  

Hour and hours of planning, organizing, creating, compromising, brainstorming, learning and bonding were needed to create an event like this.  I estimate about 50 hours were spent in preparation.  It all came down to a two hour event.  Every single bag was sold.  Every painting sold.  Almost every clay figuring sold.  Donations were collected.  $488.15 in total.  But it was not about the money raised.  It was not about the State Tournament or the possibility of going to Globals in Tennessee.  Last night was about the animals.

I have never attended a group viewing of a documentary before.  Watching a powerful movie with a group of people brings about powerful emotions.  Many had no idea the magnitude of the shark finning industry.  Most had no  knowledge of the numbers of sharks slaughtered each day.  Few knew of the cruel and inhumane slicing of fins and the discarding of live sharks back into the ocean unable to swim, sinking to the ocean floor as they drown.  Every person I spoke to after this movie had been profoundly affected.  Some shared that they will be writing letters.  Others felt we need to stop the demand for the product in order to stop the supply.  One of my friends asked me how God can love us when our species does such unforgivable things.  

I told her my hope lies in the future.  In the generation of children we are raising.  These are the children who hold the future of this planet in their hands.  We will raise them to know where their food comes from.  We will raise them to know how to cultivate the Earth.  We will raise them to question the government, and big business when it comes to their involvement in what goes on our tables.  They will know how to heal through nature. They will know how to be kind to our planet.  

Hopefully through projects like this, they will know how to organize, communicate, fund raise, and in Ghandi’s words, be the change they wish to see.

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