Friday, March 2, 2012

Collage Friday

We are so completely off our normal routine that I don’t even know how to do a weekly wrap up!   DI now consumes us.  90% of our efforts are focused on that one thing.  Sure there has been math peppered here and there throughout our week but it is boring to say that Grace is working on finding common denominators and Lilah is rounding money.    I won’t bore you with pictures of their books.  
There has been some history reading about ancient Japan and the formation of dynasties.  There has been some reading about birds too!  Grace finished her book on Clara Barton and is now reading a book recommended to her by her sister!  Lilah is reading anything she can get her hands on and moves through books too quickly to count.  She worked for a bit on her story.  The characters are on vacation and I am waiting to see what drama unfolds....  
There has been Billy the Exterminator watching, animal learning, clay creating, canvas bag decorating,  Terracotta soldier constructing, co-op class loving, rock wall climbing, swimming, car repairing, garden planning, cooking, baking, Lego building, book sorting, blog updating, movie screening preparing, word processing, soundtrack making.... just plain exhausting life around these parts! 
Plus all this:

1: Vegetarian Pizza using Sami’s Bakery Millet Flax pizza crust.  

2: Green smoothie making
3: Black Bean Burgers
4: Lentil Soup

All recipes either have been posted or will be posted on my Vegetarian Blog: Moments to Veg!

Random Pictures:

5: The view from the Eli Whitney Museum where the girls took a class last week.
6: Lilah’s muffin tin lunch.  Chicken salad, cheese sticks, pretzels, banana and carrots.  She traded the muenster cheese for cream cheese to dip her pretzels in.
7: Clay polar bears.  Part of Lilah’s DI project.
8: Grace’s performance at the assisted living facility.  Her teacher received a phone call inviting the students back!  Grace will be visiting again soon.

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