Monday, March 26, 2012

First Place is Awarded To....

Saturday tears of joy streamed down my face.  Tears of pride and overwhelming joy.  Not only for my two daughters, but for the amazingly talented, bright, kind, and caring children they call not only teammates, but also friends.  Saturday these children did something that they will look back on for the rest of their lives.  They each won their challenge in their age category.  
Lilah’s team was told for some time that there was no one else in their category to compete against and they would move on to the next round of competition, The Global Finals, by “default”.  That did not sit well with Lilah, who does not believe that children should get trophies or medals just for showing up.  She believes in earning your right to be called a winner.  They were grateful that another team was not only in their category but also their age group.  
When the Crazed Carrots’ name was called as the first place winners they proudly took their place at the podium and knew in their hearts they did the best job they could possibly have done, and their reward was a trip to Tennessee. 
Grace’s team was not expecting a win.  They knew they had competition.  This challenge was popular and there were four teams in their age division.  They had prop challenges.  The special effect wheel did not spin.  Some props fell.  Despite the challenges they moved through their performance with grace and confidence.  It also helped that they kicked butt in their instant challenge.  This may have giving them the extra points needed to come in first place.  
During the awards ceremony, the names in their category were being called.  Third place, Second place.  There were looks of confusion.  Surely they did not place last.....but could they possibly have placed first?  When their name was called tears just pooled in and poured from my eyes.
Countless hours of practice.  The tears of frustration.  The mileage we accumulated commuting.  Every single minute of this experience was worth the efforts.   The team work, the friendships, the problem solving, the creativity, the new skills acquired, and the leadership of two inspirational Team Managers, all contributed to the success of these two teams.
The high has not worn off yet.  Now we are planning the next step of this journey; the one that will take us 16 hours south to Knoxville.  Our DI adventure will continue! 

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