Friday, March 30, 2012

I have never used my blog as a platform to ask for something from my readers, until now.   I am asking for your generosity and support for Lilah’s team.  You all know the impact that DI has had on our family over the past two months from the posts I wrote about marathon meeting day the creation of the bags to sell, the movie screening event, to winning the State Tournament.  DI has fueled new interests, provided a platform for existing talents, developed new friendships, and introduced my children to real life applications for skills that will be vital in the world they are growing up in.
Once you win the State Tournament you are given a packet of information for the Global Tournament which is attended by 20,000 people, and literally takes over the city of Knoxville, Tennessee for one week.  Just the registration fee for our team (team members and family members) is $5,000.  This does not include travel expenses, food and lodging.  It does not include the Connecticut Tee Shirts for the parade of nations nor does it include the State Pins that should/must be purchased for pin trading at the Tournament.  This is a significant expense for families who have made the choice to homeschool, thus taking one parent out of the workforce.
If our children were in traditional school we could approach the PTA and ask for assistance in raising the funds for the fees.  Perhaps we could hold a walk-a-thon or sell flowers and have 500 families participate.  That is not our situation.  We have 5 families who have been working non-stop since the announcement was made Saturday afternoon.
We have set up a website where donations can be made online.  Would you help me to spread the word about our online fundraiser.  Please Facebook it, Tweet it or email it.  If you belong to a homeschooling group, would you send it there?  A coop?  An unschooling group?  
When children do great things, it must be celebrated no matter where they attend (or do not attend) school.  I am discouraged that I could not get this “news” into the newspapers.  We can focus on the “news” of today....on the Israel/Iran tension or the staggering debt that is crushing this country OR we can look for the positives.   Earth Day is around the corner.  And in a little corner of Connecticut six children did an extraordinary thing for which they received the highest praise.  They now have a platform to present their project to a wider audience and compete against other teams from around the world.  
Would you help celebrate their success?

Please visit our website at

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