Monday, March 12, 2012

Piano Recital

Grace is blessed to have a piano teacher that she loves.   Miss Jenny has been a part of our family for years now, ever since Lilah announced in the back seat of the car on the way home from preschool that she was not anything like Grace (who at the time was skating several days a week) and she wanted to play piano.  Miss Jenny was patient and kind, for Lilah was a very shy, introverted toddler.  Music flourished in my home as Lilah’s little hands played the C song, then the D song, and so on and so on until she knew all the notes.
At the time, Grace’s passion was skating and much of my time and budget for lessons went towards her coach’s fees and ice time.  She could not take piano lessons.  Hardly discouranged, Grace would sit on the couch during Lilah’s lessons and watch her sister intently, memorizing the lesson so she could go home and duplicate it on her own.  Little did I know then that Grace would leave the sport of skating, immediately ask for piano lessons, and begin a whole new passion that years later, shows no signs of waining.  
Grace is also inspired by a cousin that she does not know.  My cousin has played the piano since he was a child.  A few months ago, my Aunt gave me his CD which contained the full version of Fur Elise.   Grace was captivated.  She played his music over and over.  She played it for her friends and for Jenny.  She begged Jenny to give her the full sheet music so she could learn to play this song that has touched her soul.  Play it she did.  She has tackled this piece with every effort of her being.  This song has become a part of her in a way that fills my heart with joy.  It will be one of those songs that she will stay with and master.  I hope that I can get this video to my cousin, so he will know what a very important person he has become to my daughter.  I truly hope that one day she can hear him play this song in person and he can hear her express her thanks for being such a role model in her musical development.  

Fur Elise, Ludwig van Beethoven

Rondeau (from Suite de Symphonies No. 1), Mouret

Prelude No.1  from Well Tempered Clavichord, Bach

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