Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Return to Normalcy?

Hours just fly by.  I am trying to get back a sense of normalcy in my home but it is eluding me.  Life happens outside of DI but that is where 90% of my time and energy is focused right now.  Everything else is pushed to the side.  I throw in a load of laundry and work on a fundraising letter.  I prepare for a trip to the DMV while trying to get the news of the team’s win into the newspaper.  On top of all this, we had the displeasure of discovering termites in our basement and the treatment will occur on Thursday!  Oh....and that other issue called homeschooling. Yes, we are doing that too.
Yesterday the girls got back on track with their math lessons and I asked each to write in their journals about what DI means to them.  I want them to write while the feelings of joy, pride and elation are still swirling around inside of them.  They have not yet come down from Saturday’s win and with the talk of sharing a block of rooms at a hotel with a pool and the fact that this will be a vacation for us as well since we are visiting Greg’s parents immediately before the tournament, it is a very exciting time for us.  
The coordination of two teams, 12 children, 8 siblings, 2 team managers, and 11 groups of parents is daunting.  From what I am learning the Global Finals takes over the city of Knoxville.  20,000 people will participate in this tournament.  Two conference centers will be booked.  Hotels have been sold out for weeks.  We were fortunate to find a Holiday Inn that has availability since it is not in downtown Knoxville but a bit further out.  Our plan is to incorporate family trips to local attractions like zip lining courses, The Smoky Mountains and inner tubing in addition to the DI sponsored events like the 3M Duck Tape Ball.  Having a hotel in proximity to both is key.  Now that that is off out to-do list we can focus on what we need to do next....fundraising.
The tournament is not cheap.  In fact the cost to register a team is $4,500.  This does not include travel costs, hotels for the family members, meals, and the cost of the “field trips”.  My dining room has become a command center with two laptops running, my cell phone and my land line occupied and paperwork spread out.  I can’t imagine what it is like at the team manager’s house!  
My first goal was to get news of this win published.  So far our town’s online newspaper has the event running.  I was hoping the larger publications would run it, but so far no one has responded.  I guess if it is not bad news, it is not real news.....
My next focus is to assist with fund raising.  Every little bit will help.  As homeschoolers, we do not have a PTA or Father’s Club to help us offset the costs.  We are not sponsored by a school district.  We need to do this on our own.  Of the 20 teams that competed Saturday, in six categories, three homeschooling teams came in first place and the other came in second.  Therefore, I don’t feel comfortable reaching out to our homeschool Yahoo Group asking for money when the other teams are in equal need of funds.  
So how to raise money in a short time period?  I guess that is what we have to figure out.  Ideas are being generated and emails are filling up my inbox.  We are brainstorming possible ideas.  It is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.  It leaves me wondering when our sense of normalcy will return.   At this rate, maybe not until after Globals!

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