Thursday, March 29, 2012

What DI Means To Me

What Destination Imagination Means to Me by Lilah, age 9
I get to see my friends almost every day which is really cool because fortunately, I have really great friends on a really great team.  During our meetings we usually have one or two breaks so we can play together or fool around.  Some of our meetings are up to ten hours, so it’s fun to be around your team for that long.
I think DI would not be as much fun if it weren’t competitive.  I think competing against other teams is great because it gives you the opportunity to try your hardest and it is exciting if you win.
I absolutely love instant challenges.  An instant challenge is where you are given objects and you have to follow the instructions and you have to do what it says in a certain amount of time.  My first ever instant challenge was that we had to lift an egg from the floor up to the table without touching it or breaking it, in a certain amount of time.  The materials we had were 3 drinking straws, a rubber band, a clothes pin, a piece of string and a sheet of label stickers.
Picking one main challenge out of six is extremely hard.  Everyone has different opinions.  Usually it takes more than one meeting. DI is extremely tiring.  All of the people on my team have really busy schedules, so that sometimes leads to very early morning practices.
During DI you learn so much.  It is great.  I bet everybody that has a DI team learns way more than 3 new things a year.  Doing DI is an amazing experience, especially if you win States.  I don’t know if I’m right, but Globals seems truly awesome too!

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