Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Grace has been up to....

DI is coming to its thrilling finale.  After weeks, months really, of dedication to the process of completing a detailed, multi-step, layered project, the children are finished.  They have spent countless (literally, I lost count.) hours on their projects.  100 hours each would not be an exaggeration.   
So much of my writing has been focused on Lilah’s team simply because I have been present for most of their practices.  I have had the privilege of watching this project develop from the initial stage of choosing the challenge, to the massive efforts to hold the movie screening and then taking their experience and translating it into a theatrical performance that clearly demonstrates what their team did, how they did it and what they learned from it.    
Grace’s team operated in secret.  I dropped her off at practice and hours later I would return and pick her up. The massive sets, props and costumes were tucked away in the basement workshop or the garage.  I knew the story line of their project but never saw how it all related.  Thursday night the parents were treated to a front row performance of their presentation.  Their project is vastly different from Lilah’s.  Their challenge was to select two cultures and create a “movie trailer” clearly illustrating the interaction between two characters from the respective cultures.  Her team chose China and Crete.  Their sets include the Terracotta Soldiers in their cave, an ancient Greek temple, a city skyline, a Chinese Antique Store.  They built a rolling motorcycle for a chase scene, weapons for a duel, a large spinning color blending wheel, Terracotta Soldiers, a super sized Nintendo DS, a two person Chinese Dragon with a movable tail and the ability to blow smoke from the nostrils, and a TV frame that moves from set to set, focusing the audience’s attention on the correct set.
Here is a sampling of their work.  Even though I don’t have parental permission to post all the photos of what I have described above, these photos give you an idea of the scope of their work.

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