Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter session of Co-op

Today ended our first co-op session at our new temporary location.  Our old location was like having a cup of tea with an old friend.  It was calming and comfortable.  It was the perfect space to spend the fall.  Since this year was our first experience with co-op, my girls were saddened by the news that we were leaving, but not devastated.  
Our new space is in a downtown location where the kids have access to art rooms and the mom’s have access to coffee shops!  While it may not be cozy, this space definitely inspires creativity.  
I am thankful that we have extended co-op another 6 weeks at this location.  I will be teaching two sessions of art journaling (age 8-10 and ages 11+).   I expect my girls will have a hard time choosing classes again.

Lilah sanding her toolboox in woodworking class. 

"I learned how to use tools such as the sander, chisel, three different saws, a screwdriver, drill and a protractor for measuring right angles."  ~ Lilah

Grace wet felting a weather scene. 

She loved this class.  Every time I walked by, the children were at peace, talking quietly, while working the wool into wondrous things, like felted soap, trees that change with the seasons, and figurines.

Lilah's pottery class:

Grace's pottery class:

Lilah's tile mosaic class:

While it is hopeful that someday we may return to our beloved antique home with its farm house kitchen, it is not the place that matters when it comes to learning.  Give children a space and a teacher to guide and inspire them, allow for trial and error, access to proper materials, then step back and watch learning unfold.

I am  grateful to the two mothers who organize and coordinate our co-op.  It is a tremendous amount of work and they make it seem effortless. The day we were offered an invitation to join was truly the beginning of a remarkable experience.

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