Saturday, April 14, 2012

Art Journaling at Co-Op

I am finding great joy in facilitating art journaling at our coop this session.  I teach two sessions, one for ages 8-9 year old and another for 10+.  Just like my workshop that meets periodically at my house, this class has the same sense of peace and tranquility minus the comfy chairs and steaming mugs of tea....

Today we learned about Georgia O’Keefe, one of my favorite artists.  We watched a Brain Pop biography of her life and looked through one of my large coffee table books filled with her artwork.  Our focus today was looking through the magnifying glass.  Draw one thing, one flower, using as much space on the page as possible.  Then add your words to the page.

While they drew I asked them to reflect on their thoughts.  Creating art is very personal and often we are reminded of the little things that get pushed to the back of our brains in the hustle bustle of our busy days.  As always, I gave the children “Invitations to Write” or prompts to help spark a desire to write if they are experiencing a block.  Each child found their own voice and did not need an invitation to put their thoughts on the paper.
Grace wrote about her favorite magnolia tree and the time she collected its petals for me for mother’s day.
Another child wrote about how interesting sunflowers are.
A third wrote about how lilies remind her of her cousin.

These children are connecting art with their inner thoughts.  It is a liberating way to write.  No pressure, no judgement, no editing.  Just writing for the love of the written word.

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