Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Heart Mapping

Our little writing group has been on hiatus due to the DI schedule we have been keeping (out of the three families, two of us are in DI).  Our last meeting was right before Valentine’s Day.   I did not realize until the classical music was playing and the tea was brewing, how much I missed this time with these children.

I often find myself wondering how much instruction is responsible for learning...or if it can even claim to be responsible.  It can certainly introduce a new concept and provide information, but does it account for actual learning?  If a child is not ready to make a personal connection to the material presented, they will not learn.  

In 6 weeks there has been growth in the girls’ writing.  I know that I have not offered any formal instruction in the past month but my girls have been writing on their own time.  The same can be said for some of the other girls.  
In past sessions, this young lady was very hesitant to write.  Today she used Georgia Heard’s format for a 6 room poem to write a lovely piece about a flower.

This child completed her heart map and wrote a poem about a black cat that she often sees outside her window.  

And this child, the youngest of the group, still loves her guinea pigs!  Her printing is maturing, as is her artwork.  She is learning and growing.   

Attention spans were longer and the creativity flowed. 

I am thrilled that we are setting a spring schedule that will allow the group to meet and that two new children may be joining us.    

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