Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When I was downloading pictures from my phone I found these.  Grace or Lilah?  I have no idea.  What I do know is that this game has become a huge part of my girls lives.  They are constructing entire villages and their focus is on beauty.  They are creating a world for their avatar to live in that is not only functional, but beautiful.  I love that. 

I want my girls to understand that what they can do in a virtual world, they can do in the very real and present one in which they live and breathe.  Perhaps Grace can not have the balcony that she longs for and Lilah can not have her own  attached bath...but they can celebrate the beauty in what they do have.  They can plant a garden, tend the soil and grow fruits and vegetables.  They can walk down pathways and admire the stone bridges and graceful archways of a park that is nearly 100 years old.  They can build a fort, a treehouse or construct a playhouse from a cardboard box. The beach is just a few miles from our backdoor.  The beauty that surrounds us should be admired, respected, and revered.  
While I like Minecraft and see the value in it, I must remind my girls of the value in being present in this world.  This world may have its challenges and its problems to be solved, but at least we are not being chased in the dark by zombies!

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