Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday Fun Day!

The Crazed Carrots spent Saturday together, Saturday Fun Day, as we call it.  The team is preparing for the Earth Day Fair on the 28th.  We have several pretty awesome donations from local businesses for a silent auction.  In order to make the table more personable, the children wanted to craft some items to sell.

The felted some soap.  These soaps will be put together in a lovely basket.  I adore the soaps that my girls made for our family.  One bar last well over a month and every time you wash your hands you get to hold a piece of art that was created from the imagination and efforts of your child.  It beats regular old bar soap every day.

The team then headed to downtown Fairfield for some additional fund raising.  Standing in the background, listening to the children describe their project and why they are seeking donations gave me not only a feeling of pride but of awe.  I could never have done this at their age.  Never.  They presented a well planned proposal to each business.  One shopkeeper commented that after their presentation, how could anyone refuse?  She gave the team a canvas bag to auction off.  In a karate studio their team was so effective, parents whose children were attending a class reached into their pockets and donated cash to help this team!  

When you look around and feel that the world can be a dismal place, it certainly helps to have a project that brings out the best in people.  

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