Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Storm Team @ News Channel 8

Back in December, one of Grace’s dreams came true when she skated on the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink at Christmastime.  Thanks to her Uncle Gary, another of her dreams came true this week.  Gary has spent the last year emailing various local meteorologists explaining about his niece's passion for weather and her desire to become a meteorologist.  After a year of no responses, most people would toss in the towel and move on, however, Gary persevered until he had a reply from Meteorologist Erica Grow at New Haven based News Channel 8.  

Ms. Grow invited Grace and Lilah and one friend each to visit the studio and get an inside look at the profession of an television meteorologist.  As she updated the weather graphics for the evening broadcast, she explained how forecasts are made, what happens when a forecast made by another meteorologist changes, and how the computer is used in conjunction with the green screen.  In just one hour, Grace felt that she had learned a great deal.  Ms. Grow shared words of advice and recommendations that Grace can act on now, like reading Dr. Mel Goldstein’s book and subscribing to a website that offers non-professionals access to very reliable radar screens and climate data.  Grace also received reinforcement that math and science classes will be very important for her and it will be vital that I provide access to upper level classes possibly through a correspondence class or local colleges.  Thankfully I have two years to figure that out but I need to begin the research in the fall.

As we watched, the 5:00 broadcast went on all around us.  The anchors read their lines, and the field reporters shared their stories.  At times it was totally silent and at times there was joking and laughter on the set.  

My sincere thanks to Erica Grow at News Channel 8 for not canceling our visit when she found out last minute she was working the evening broadcast.  I am very grateful that she took time out of her very busy day to spend time with an 11 year old girl who shares the same passion. 

It was a gift of enormous value.

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