Friday, April 13, 2012

Today ~ Guest Post by a Crazed Carrot!


We are leaving in less than an hour! 
We are on a website!  
The Earth Day website!  
How Exciting!!!!  
And my Mom said she's proud of us!  
And she is my Mom which feels great!  
And we are going to a DI party today!  
The whole team is going to be there but Grace  :) :(   
I can't wait!!  This is going to be fun!  
And I'm going to Chuck's house today!  
This is about the best day of the week!!  
I wish we could car-pool with Cormac!  
But we can't because he will probably have to leave early.  
This is awesome!!  
Less than an hour before I have to leave!  
Wow this is amazing. 
 If you hold the pencil the right way, it looks like a really cool sun!  
Try it!!  :)  It's fantastical! :)  :)  :) :) :)
That's not a real word but I don't care. 


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