Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wonder and Awe: Fundraising Update

I want to look back on this experience, our navigation through the experience of DI, and remember the sense of wonder, amazement and gratitude I feel on a daily basis.  I want to remember the ways my children have grown and matured from their involvement in something so much larger than themselves.  I need to record it so they can look back when they are older and understand the level of commitment, the support and the efforts that were made on behalf of many, many people, to help them accomplish their goals and strive to achieve their dreams.
So far we have raised half our goal of $5,000.  The donations have come from friends we have not spoken with in years, from friends we see every day, from family members near and far and blog readers who share our common educational lifestyle.  $2,500 has been given to this group of children.  As I write this I have goosebumps.  Each donation is not to the child that the donor knows and loves.  It is a gift to 5 other children they have never met as well.  That is the epitome of generosity.
In addition to the monetary donations, the children have been fundraising as a team.  They were invited to participate in Fairfield’s Earth Day Fair where they can perform throughout the day and hold a silent auction.
Crazed Carrots to Exhibit at Fairfield’s Earth Day Celebration

Team Crazed Carrots, a Connecticut based Destination Imagination (DI) Team comprised of six children ranging in age from 8 to 11, won their division at the State Tournament held at Connecticut College, New London, CT in March. The team will compete at a Global DI Tournament held at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in May against teams not only from the United States, but from around the world! Come watch their winning performance describing their project on protecting threatened wildlife, talk to the kids about their project and bid on something in their silent auction.

                  In order to have a silent auction, the children have dressed in their team tee shirts and went store to store asking for gift certificates or gift baskets.  Most stores were welcoming and gracious, offering product of gift certificates.  However, some were not and the children had to learn to accept rejection graciously, despite the unfriendly and unkind words of the store owner.  Life lessons, DI is full of them.
          Because the the generosity of the stores we approached, we will be able to move closer to our raising our goal amount.  Every time we meet as a group we learn about some new cost involved in our trip.  For instance, cafeteria food will not meet the dietary needs of most of our team members.  Food shopping must be done so meals can be prepared in hotel rooms, and restaurants must be found that cater to our unique needs.  These are extra costs on the families involved.  Every penny we raise that can be applied to the entry fee, will free up our personal budgets to pay for things like a grocery store bill or a green smoothie from a local restaurant to replace a meal of chicken nuggets and fries from the cafeteria.  

          Every penny helps.  Every penny is appreciated.
          Grace, whose team costs are not as substantial due to a very generous corporate sponsor, parted with some of her hard earned babysitting money to donate to her sister’s team.  Chills.  That just gives me chills.
          DI.  Who knew it would affect my entire family in so many ways?  This is one experience I will look back on for the rest of my life in wonder and awe.

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