Sunday, May 6, 2012

Babysitting 101

My brother has never once called for help in caring for his 19 month old son.  Work schedules presented an issue and my nephew needed someone to care for him for a few hours on Thursday and Friday.  I would drop anything for the opportunity to spend time with this little boy.  Being around him makes me wish that I could turn back time a few years and try again for a boy.  He makes me wish that I could take what I know now and do a few things differently.  However, when I am sound asleep on the couch at 8:30, completely exhausted from all the activities we are involved in right now, I know that I am past the point where I can give 100% of myself to an infant and still give the girls quality time for their education and life experiences.  But for that hour or two where his baby belly laugh and smile light up my is bliss.
I was able to sneak in some life learning while we were visiting.  Grace desperately wants to baby sit.  She is a natural with children.  Her high energy means she will never tire from playing and caring for them!  This summer she will be taking the Red Cross babysitting course at a local community center.  She asked me many questions....such as:  What if you weren't here and I had to use the bathroom?  We ran through the many scenarios.  I pointed out that every dish she uses should be washed and put away.  Never leave your employers with a mess to clean up.  When the baby moves on, quickly put the toys away.  It is so much easier to clean as you go rather than do a quick clean moments before the parent is due home.  There were common sense items, like never leave a fork where the baby could reach it, ditto for your cell phone or anything that is breakable.  
We had such an enjoyable afternoon.  I was able to drink a cup of coffee and watch my daughters play with their cousin.  I really hope we get another phone call soon!

**I made a promise to my brother when he was deployed that his son would never show up on a social networking site.  To honor that promise, I am not posting pictures.  Take my word for it....he is too cute for words!

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