Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introvert Power....a mother's manual? Perhaps!

I feel that books come into our lives just like people do; for a reason.  We stumble upon them and sometimes they change the way we think.  Recently I came across a book that sounded interesting.....but little did I know that just a few pages would cause me to rethink and rejoice in my personality!
In my house we have both introverts and extroverts.  Two of each to be exact.  I am an introvert.  I do not draw energy from others.  In fact, being around many people in a high energy environment physically and mentally drains me.  I find peace in solitude.  I recharge by reading and writing.  I know this about myself.  I also know this about one of my daughters.  
Right now we are in a state of controlled chaos.  Ever since both DI teams won the State Tournament, our lives have been in overdrive.  We have spent countless hours fundraising and practicing.  We have attended a fair and  held an auction.  There have been performances and newspaper interviews.  It all sounds exciting...and it one of my daughters, who thrives on the energy she absorbs from the buzz of excitement.  She can go, go, go.  It is her nature.  My other daughter is not fairing so well.  To quote her, she is “done”.  Done with practicing, done with making feather duct tape costumes, and done with spending time with people.  It is really unfortunate for this to happen now, since we have no time to sequester ourselves and recharge out internal batteries.  We are about to embark upon a week long adventure with not only 40 of our closest friends, but we will be surround by 20,000 strangers in a crowded, high energy, competitive environment.
So what is this Mama to do?  I wish I knew.  Thankfully we will have two days to relax in Tennessee before we meet on the campus of the university.  Thankfully we have two kids and two adults.  We can divide and conquer.  My one daughter can be joined by her outgoing father and they can go off and do the things they want.  I can hang with my  other daughter who may just enjoy some time at the hotel pool or in a park with a blanket and a good book.  I have to honor my girls personalities right now.  I see that the need for some solitude is affecting team practices and relationships with their best friends.  They  are strained.  I never want an activity to negatively impact their relationships, no matter how fantastic or educational it is.
It is going to be quiet for a day or so, as my daughter and I recharge and hopefully build up an excess of energy reserves in which to draw on in the upcoming days. A new  Roadschooling series will begin soon!

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