Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roadschooling: A day of firsts

The girl’s grandparents live in a beautiful lakefront community.  Their house is not on the water but due to the generosity of their friends and neighbors, we have access to the lake from their docks.  This was the first time we were invited to go boating on the lake.    I love Southern hospitality.  A friend of my in-laws gave three hours of his day to give my girls their first boating experience.   My stomach was a bit fluttery thinking of all the possible ways my girls could get hurt, but at the same time my face hurt from grinning ear to ear mirroring the joy on my daughter’s faces.  This was big.  Lilah stuck to tubing but Grace tried water skiing and knee boarding.  She got up on the skiis on her second try!  She found that she enjoyed knee boarding more.  Greg and I joked that she was living out Wii Sports Resort.  She was in the water until we told her she had to come out to rest.  I am so grateful to this very special person who gave my family such a gift.

** because my family will never believe me....that is me water skiing in the picture behind Lilah on the boat.  After 15 years, I could still ski a mile!  Unfortunately I pulled a muscle on my first try and will be limping for the rest of the week!

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