Monday, May 28, 2012

Roadschooling: Opening Ceremonies!

Opening ceremonies is like participating in the Olympics, each state represented, wearing their team shirt, carrying a flag, parading into a large auditorium.  18,000 people yelling, cheering, waving is quite a site to see.  Our teams are unique in that parents attend.  Most of these teams travel with chaperones, the team manager and co-manager.   DI streams the ceremonies live on their website so family and friends at home can glimpse their child, or at least their child’s team.  
For a few seconds Greg and I were able to feel what it was like for the team members as we were misdirected onto the floor rather than up the stairs to our designated section!  It was truly awesome.  My children will carry this moment with them forever. 

This was a moment to celebrate a year of accomplishments and achievements with a peer group that spans the globe.  Turkey, South Korea, China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia are just some of the 13 countries that sent teams to Knoxville.  Like the Olympics, each team has an affiliate pin to be traded throughout the week.  Geography comes to life through the interaction of children who communicate, despite having language barriers, through the international DI language of pin trading.

After listening to the words of welcome from various board members and community members, the teams were treated to a concert-like experience with lasers and heart pounding music as each challenge was highlighted.  Our teams competed in Coming Attractions and World Canvas, and would not compete until later in the week.  

This was a night to enjoy the moment and take it all in.  This was Lilah’s #1 goal on her New Year’s list from January.  How often do we get to make our goals a reality?  How many times do we give up or give in when things are tough?  Many people helped get this team to this opening ceremony.  Scores of hours were spent in fundraising and practice in order to be a member of this audience.  Come what may, succeed or fail, my girl’s teams earned a place among this crowd through their efforts.  For that they should be exceedingly proud.  Their mother and father are.

This is what is was like!

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