Wednesday, May 2, 2012

soundtrack of our lives

Yesterday I wrote about taking a day off, walking away from the day to day duties that constantly demand our attention.  After a truly heartwarming day, I woke up to find that somehow the dust bunnies and the piles of laundry multiplied in my absence!  I could no longer afford to ignore the obvious.  Today was art journaling day!

After frantically straightening up the kitchen, wiping down the bath and setting up a work area in my back room, the families arrived.  This “class” had two new children. to the class but not new to us.  I am glad that our dear friends have decided to become regulars in our workshop.  

Today we wrote about how music touches our lives.   Whether it is Taylor Swift, Benny Goodman, or folk, music is an important part of who we are.  I loved listening to the children talk about bluegrass festivals they have attended, favorite pieces of classical music that they dance to, and music from the 1930s that makes them happy.  Grace was especially touched that I used her sheet music for this project but she found that tearing up sheet music was very hard for her to do!

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