Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walk Away

So much time can be spent in planning.  It is so easy to get caught up in planning classes, trips, play dates and appointments that it is easy to forget the joy in spontaneity.

There is always work to be done.  Sometimes the housework, the yard work and all the little things that demand our attention need to be pushed aside and completely forgotten about for a day.  They are an ever-constant part of life.  The pile of laundry to be folded will be waiting for you upon your return.  The dust bunnies won't run away when they hear the door click shut (unfortunately!). Sometimes you just need to walk away.

You need to pick up the phone and call a friend.

Give them a reason to push aside their piles and lists and explore.

Crisp, cool air does wonders for the soul.

Friendship is a gift.
If you are lucky, really lucky, you get to watch your child experience something for the very first time.  

You actually get to feel their trepidation, their hesitation and then see them grow in confidence and independence. And your heart soars.

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