Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lake Compounce

While I was off at my brother’s NYPD graduation ceremony Thursday, Greg took the girls on an adventure.  It has been a long time since they have had a Daddy and Me day.  

This was the best kind of day to do sans Mama.  I am not a fan of amusement parks. They were delighted to not have me following behind commenting on the safety records of amusement parks, the amount of trans fat in the chicken nuggets they ate for lunch, the evils of free soda stations located throughout the park (thankfully they also provided free water), and the need for constant sunscreen application!  I such the joy out of a trip like this!  I admit it.  But not Greg....he lives for days like this with his girls.  He is a very cool Dad.  He always has been.  He always will be.  

So much fun was had that they decided to make June 28th an official "Dad Day" Holiday.  Greg will take the day off from work and he and the girls will have an annual adventure of epic proportions.  

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