Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer History

I was sad to push Story of the World aside when we were so busy this winter.  It is the backbone of our curriculum.  Rather than give it half our attention, I decided we would resume history in the summer, when it could be given the attention it so richly deserves.  As the girls mature, I find us pulling in more and more to supplement the chapters.  We have swiftly moved through three chapters in two weeks.  

I need the girls to understand the importance of Charlemagne in history.  Although religion has always had historical significance, in my opinion this timeframe, the advent of wars fought to propagate a certain religion, is critical.  So much of what happened then can be applied to what is happening in our world today.  
 George Bernard Shaw quotes (Irish literary Critic, Playwright and Essayist. 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1856-1950)
Unlike when we studied ancient Greece and took three months to read The Odyssey and Percy Jackson, we are giving Charlemagne the attention he deserves, while moving ahead in the book to examine why he is so relevant.  We have watched these very cool youtube videos (thank you Theresa @ Red Oak Lane):

We are reading Son of Charlemagne (thank you Mary @ Homegrown Learners)!

We are printing off free lapbook pages from this awesome blogsite: The Chronicle of the Earth.  
We are updating our Book of Centuries.
We are completing our mapwork.
We are changing the way we do narrations.  Now rather than have the girls write exactly what I say longhand, they are free to type what they hear me say.  I then check to make sure they captured the meaning of the passage.   It is improving their typing skills and giving them a meaningful application for knowing how to type well.  Lilah is now practicing her typing through Dance Mat Typing, which has not interested her until now.

Our summer will look a bit different than our friends who attend public school.  I am sure we will get some questions about why I “make” my children do work during June, July and August.  We will have breaks.  We will have long weekends and short family trips.  It is not all work and no play....rather it is some work and some play. A balance.  It works for us.

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Mary Prather said...

This time in history was so interesting to the kids and I! We also watched some Horrible Histories on YouTube. A friend of mine just told me about Viking Quest - supposedly an awesome series of books. I just reserved from the library yesterday!!

Enjoy the history, Jess!

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