Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Math

We are in a work groove.  I love it.  There is satisfaction that comes with most everything we do.  When the girls completed their DI projects there was satisfaction.  The fact that their work earned them a spot at Global Finals was icing on the cake.  When the girls brought home pottery and woodworking projects from coop, they were proudly displayed in their bedrooms.  Now we are back at bookwork and there is satisfaction in watching their summer binders fill with work.  Since the girls have been hounding me to update my blog and get back to daily blogging, I thought I would share a bit of what our learning looks like right now.
We have formed a glorious collaborative partnership with another family.  She teaches math, I teach writing.   Although our teaching styles are very different, it works.  If my girls were in public school they would be traveling from teacher to teacher throughout the day.  Having exposure to many different styles of teaching and philosophies of education enhances their experience and gives them the chance to experience if a different style of teaching fits their learning style.
Grace is working on fractions.  She will finish the Key to Fractions series this week.  She has begun the Key to Measurement series and will be working on Montessori geometry as well.  Lilah also began Key to Measurement and painted some beautiful watercolor representations of fractions.  

 I love that Lilah is learning about this history of mathematics.  Each concept is added to a huge timeline and a representational model of the concept is built.  The discovery of the North Star was added and Lilah learned how to make a circuit and built a light box with a working light to illustrate the concept! 

Although the Key To series is workbook-y, it fits us.  I have tried many math programs and each  has its pros and cons.  Singapore, Horizons and Aleks were all tried  an abandoned because they were either moving too slowly, grouped too many concepts together in one lesson, or were a spiraling program rather than a mastery program.  I like the Key to Series if you are planning to homeschool over a long period of time.  If Grace and Lilah do every book in this series they will be ready for advanced math in high school.  I will have to build review in once each series is finished to ensure that mastery is retained.

 I am surprising the girls with a fun project based on the measurement series.  I ordered the book Measuring Penny from Amazon Prime today.  I will share more as this project unfolds....

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