Sunday, June 17, 2012

When Words Are A Gift

There are days when you need to find joy in the ordinary.  The beginning of a day gives the opportunity to shake off the dust that settled from the previous 24 hours of life.  Sometimes life is messy after all.  The dust and dirt swirl and then it settles.  Calm is restored.  Peace finds its way back into the nooks and crannies.  A new day shouldn’t begin with a layer of yesterday’s silt.  You dust yourself, begin anew and rejoice in the understanding that a day is just that, a day.  Through God’s grace, we have been given another.  

Somewhere along the way I decided that I would not blog about the trails and tribulations of parenting.  They are there.  We all know they are.   A parenting expert I most certainly am not.  But who is really?  There is no one best way to do this job.  We give love, over and over again.  I no longer trust that an initial at the end of a name qualifies someone to advise me on what is best for my family, for who knows my family better than I?   I don’t want this to be a space for critique, criticism or complaining.  I want it to be a place of beauty, of celebration, of honoring and respecting the family that Greg and I created.  
In this space our memories are recorded.  Over the past week I have thought of my friend Helena who suffered the unimaginable loss of her best friend.  Her friend happened to keep a lovely blog.  I paged through it reading the posts that led up to her untimely passing and realized what a gift she left behind.  Her young son and her husband may be in too much pain to read her words now, but someday they will, of this I am sure.  In her words, I felt love, joy, and peace.  She honored, respected and treasured her husband and son.  Her blog is a gift to them.  While she is looking at them from a heavenly place, watching as they put the pieces of their life back together, they will never ever have to wonder about how much they meant to her, how treasured they were, and how close to her heart they were held.  
Our words have power.  They have meaning and they have value.  I pray that my words will be written for years to come, either in this space or another, shared publicly or kept private.  I want my family to have that same gift; the understanding of how true my love is for them.   They are my everything.  

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