Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Collaborative Approach to our Learning

Snap Circuits has become a favorite class for my girls, especially Grace.  Now that they each have their own Snap Circuit kit, they can build the projects without having to share parts or collaborate on one board.  They can each work at their own pace until they have achieved a level of understanding why their board works or does not work.  

I sat in on the lesson this week and I love Steph’s “teaching” style.  She is eloquent, passionate and extremely knowledgable.  Her analogies of electricity and water made perfect sense to my girls and helped explain why a circuit must be layered and why it must be complete.  
There is something very interesting happening that is transforming our homeschooling experience.  We have created a collaborative model of homeschooling.  I teach art and writing, Steph teaches science, another Steph teaches problem solving, Cath teaches project management, if my girls participate in the Shakespeare play (fingers crossed) they will get literature and theater from Ginny.  Piano is taught by Jenny and is now supplemented by Mr. B, the Music Director at church, where Grace will play this year as part of the teen choir!!!!! 
These “classes” have been chosen with care and with great deliberation.  These adults provide my children with an opportunity to learn from someone with a different style, knowledge base, passion, and life experience.  They are each inspiring my daughters in different ways.  My heart swells with joy when I hear that a child in my writing class is showing marked growth in his writing at home as well.  I smile on the inside and outside when I see Grace take out her Snap Circuit kit and pick a new project to work on or when Lilah comes to me with an art journaling page that she created and completed.  This is how I know our own unique approach to homeschooling is working.  

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