Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping Part 1

Have I mentioned that I have really wonderful friends?  I do and I am so grateful because it was not always this way for me.  I have gone through my life with one or at times two very good friends; the kind that are there for you no matter what, the kind that would jump on a plane and fly home to help you if you just said please, the kind that you imagine sharing Grandchildren stories with.  
For the first time in my life I have more than one or two friends, I have many.  They are the most talented, intelligent, giving, caring, supporting friends a girl could ask for.   This week I had an adventure that never would have happened without some of these amazing women.  Months ago we planned a camping trip.  Four mothers, eight children, and a beach.  Perfect...right?  Not so much for me who has never camped a day in her life.  The thought of camping completely overwhelmed me.  I could not figure out what to bring for food.  I could not imagine borrowing all the supplies that I would need.  I could not imagine actually sleeping outside.  Coward that I am, I cancelled our camp site and told my girls that we would spend the day with out friends, leave when the campsite closed at 10pm, drive home to sleep, and drive back the next morning.  Thankfully the beach is close enough to make this possible.
....and then we saw the campsite.  It is perfect for beginner campers.  It is like a block party where you happen to hang out in tents!  My dear friend Cath took the liberty of bringing an extra tent with her “just in case”...  

Grace had a lesson on how to set up a tent.  No parent assistance was necessary!  I learned what to bring, how to cook, how to wash dishes, how to dry your clothes and how to  start the fire.  I saw firsthand the joy on my daughter’s faces as they went crabbing along the rocks, rode through the campground without a chaperone and were even allowed to go to the beach for the very first time without a parent!  These are big events in a child’s life.  Huge.  I think my girls grew a bit in just a few hours.  I think it is time for their Mama to grow a bit also.

Tuesday night will be spent at the camp site!  My kitchen floor is covered with mattresses, quilts, pillows, food, vinegar for jelly fish stings, bait for crab hunting, fat wood for fire starting, lanterns, bottled water, swimsuits and lots of towels!  I am crossing my fingers that my neighbor will come over and let my dogs out. It is going to be hot and they will be lonely.   

There are little butterflies in my belly this morning as I write knowing I have to stop, hit save and load up the Explorer.  Then we will be off on our camping adventure that promises to be magical.

I owe my friends a huge Thank You.  Thank you for feeding us, teaching us, empowering us, encouraging us, and helping us grow.  It means more than you know...

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