Friday, July 20, 2012

Pint Size Cake Boss

Lilah needs to bake the way I need to write and the way Grace needs to play the piano.  She can watch shows such as Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss and can’t make it through an episode without murmuring, “I need to bake....”.  
Lilah spends her time browsing through cookbooks and searching internet baking sites.  She feels that making a cake from a box is cheating and that you cannot call a cake your own if you use someone else’s recipe.  She has high standards when it comes to the quality of ingredients preferring to use fresh eggs over store bought eggs, wheat flour over gluten free and butter from Ireland over margarine.  She is particular and precise.
Because of this, her baked goods are good.  Really good.  So good you would never know they were made by an almost 10 year old child.  Because I have the self control of a toddler, I cannot keep baked goods in my house without sneaking bites here and there  all day long.  Fortunately our next door neighbors will never refuse a delivery of freshly baked bread, cookies or cake.  Not only is Lilah getting practice doing something she loves, she is sharing the joy with those who love her.  It is a beautiful cycle of yumminess!  

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