Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Snap Circuits

Partnering with other families has given the girls a unique opportunity to learn from teachers with certain skill sets.  There are certain subjects that I do very well, like history and language arts.  There are other subjects that I would not even attempt, like electric circuitry.  In exchange for teaching her son writing, my friend is teaching my girls Snap Circuits

This was our first week and the goal of the first class was to become familiar with the product.  Materials were reviewed.  Diagrams were analyzed.  The importance of following directions was discussed.  Circuits were constructed. Vocabulary was added.

On the way home I asked the girls what they learned and was met with that all to familiar blank stare.  Silly me.  I need to ask in a round’about way.  What was challenging? Did it work the first time you tried?  Why not?  What did you do then...besides ask for help? Did you have fun while being challenged? Are you super excited for next class?

This class meets every other week and is the precursor to Lego Engineering.  It is also a fundamental of basic computer programming.  Until the user knows how a circuit works, they cannot understand how a computer board works.  It was a light bulb moment for Grace when she discovered this.  Her face lit up.  She remembered the Assistant at WestConn adding computer programming to his list of preferred classes.  “Mom, I need to know this!”  Yes, Grace.  It is like we are working on a giant puzzle.  The puzzle is constructed piece by piece until the picture emerges.  Right now we are fitting the pieces together.  
Each piece connects. 
Every piece is valuable. 

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