Monday, July 30, 2012

The Cloisters

We are taking the month of August off from all formal lessons.  We have been working straight through and now it is time for rest.  Snap circuits and art journaling will carry on since we love them so, but math, history and science will all be on hiatus and will return again come September.
We closed our history book on chapter 18:  The Age of the Crusades.   I thought the most perfect way to celebrate our learning of medieval history would be to visit The Cloisters in Manhattan.  The Cloisters is part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art but not located in Midtown Manhattan, but rather just off the Hudson River in Fort Tryon, Manhattan.  
Because we study world history using Story of the World, I knew this visit would come.  I waited until we learned about castle living, knights, William the Conquerer, tapestries, and the code of chivalry.  The Cloisters takes the visitor on a magical journey back in time to when these when these things were imaginable.  We chose to ignore the plague, lack of plumbing and use of garden herbs to cover unpleasant body odors.... 
I will never forget the moment when Grace leaned into me, her voice just a whisper, and said, “Oh Mom, now I know why you took us here!  This is everything we have learned!”  

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