Sunday, July 22, 2012


Tuesday is a great day.  Every Tuesday afternoon our fantastic piano teacher Miss Jenny comes to our house and our home is filled with music.  Grace gets her hour lesson, then Lilah and Kim comes so that Evren can have the final 30 minutes.  He began lessons this past winter and is progressing nicely!
Not many people know that Lilah was the first in our family to take piano lessons.  When she was four years old we were spending hours and hours at the skating rink for Grace’s lessons.  I asked Lilah what it was that she would like to learn.  I thought perhaps sure would be easier to have two children in lessons at the same place at the same time....but her look of horror ended that fantasy of mine.  I think she chose piano purposely to separate her identity from that of her older sister.  So piano lessons it was.  Six years ago.  Every week Lilah would visit Miss Jenny and learn how to play.  She loved it until she was expected to learn G position.  She very maturely informed me that this was hard, too hard, and she did not want to put in the effort to learn it.  I appreciated her honesty and we cancelled her lessons.  This was the same time Grace was making the decision to stop skating and she stepped in to Lilah’s time slot.  Her passion for the piano began.
Recently Lilah came to me and asked if she could begin lessons again.  This was at the height of DI season and our calendar could not take one more addition.  I asked her to wait until the summer.  She has been playing and practicing for a month and she is now once again ready to tackle G position, only this time she is ready and willing to put in the effort it will take!  
After lessons, our two families regularly share dinner, dessert and time to play.  This week Kim and I brewed up some coffee given to Greg by a coworker from her recent trip home to Indonesia.  Ever heard of Civet Coffee?   Kim and I have and we were so excited to try this powdered coffee.  We brewed it Turkish-style on the stove top with cold water.  It was not like Columbian Roasted coffee.  It has a slightly different taste, although the aroma is quite similar. It makes a nice dessert coffee, similar to cappuccino.  

After coffee we took the kids out for frozen yogurt and stumbled upon a free summer concert taking place on our town green.  It was the kind of night that you are meant to have in the heart of summer.  Friends, fro-yo, music, dung just does not any better than that!

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