Friday, July 6, 2012


I want my girls to develop a love of their language.  This can either come through reading, or through practice.  Luckily Lilah is a voracious reader.  Books are her friends.  She has a developed vocabulary for her age.  Grace is not a passionate reader.  She reads for information, not for pleasure.  She can list every type of cloud and what they mean in terms of weather conditions, but not five different words that are synonyms for "fun".

I have looked at vocabulary building workbooks and websites but I don't feel these are right for us.  My girls feel that workbooks are   I googled PSAT/SAT vocabulary lists and was granted list after list of words that are not only important because they will be on a test my daughters will take, but because they are fun, descriptive, beautiful words.

I created a very simple template to use as a daily vocabulary builder.  I will give the girls the word and the definition.  They will construct their own meaning by using it in a sentence and drawing a picture to represent the meaning.  Then I will expect to see the words pop up in conversation and in their writing. Lilah, who has been known to peruse the dictionary for fun, asked if she can find some words as well.  How can a Mama say no to that??

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