Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We have some projects going on ‘round here.  Our days are a medley of following our interests, discovering our passions, working on our favorite subjects,  and spending time with friends.  Often it seems these things are all happening simultaneously; which is when I am most content.  
This summer we have not followed the traditional path of no work from June through September.  Last year at this time we had finished all of our curriculum and we could take some time to relax and “do nothing”.  This year things are a bit different.  Three months dedicated to project-based learning took time away from our core subjects.  There is no mandated completion date, other than the one I have in my head.  It is important to me to finish Story of the World Vol.2 and Zoology: Flying Creatures by September.  Keeping my girls on track for SOTW ensures four years of US History during the high school years.  Grace thinks I have gone mad for worrying about her high school course of study now, but it is what I do.....I worry.  We are working at a relaxed pace, having fun with what we are learning.
I found a fantastic series about the Middle Ages in our local library.  Every day the girls choose one book to browse through.  When they read something that interests them, they are free to demonstrate their understanding to me in a way that pleases them.  My only prerequisite is that they “wow” me.  

We have listened to Jim Weiss’ Tales of Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew and A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.   Our local homeschooling theater group produced Shakespeare plays that will wow you.  I was in awe of what a group of children who have a passion for theater are capable of.  For some reason I assumed they would not do a full production, or perhaps they would do a modern retelling, similar to a Jim Weiss recording.  I was very mistaken as I sat in wonder as a group of children delivered line after line of this beautiful prose.  This fall the production will be A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and if my girls want to participate, I will encourage them to do so.  Last night I noticed that Lilah was reading the Shakespeare Can Be Fun version of this fantastic story....Wow.
We are steadily moving through Apologia’s Flying Creatures.  The girls now know the difference between a bird call and a song.  The understand the symbiotic relationship between the bird and insect population.  Perhaps one day we will try birding again, especially since a snowy owl was spotted on the rocky shore of our beach late this winter.  Maybe.......but only if we are all wearing our silk thermals!

I am in the middle of a really big project.  I have taken two of my passions, writing and art journaling and have written an ebook on ibooks author.  It is not complete yet, but close enough that I feel comfortable announcing it.  More details will be announced soon and the book will be available late this summer.  Here is a sneak peak of one of the lessons provided:

Grace’s passion continues to be piano.  She is working on some projects of her own.  One is preparing an audition piece for a local symphony that accepts pianists.  Another is becoming a member and playing with the teen choir at church.  A third is coordinating a benefit concert to raise money for communities affected by natural disasters.  Wow. 

On a ninety degree day sometimes the only thing you can do is sit directly in front of the A/C and read a really good book.  Grace finished Bridge to Terabithia, watching the movie and wrote about it on her blog.  She is now almost done with a book she is enjoying called Next To Mexico.  Lilah just finished a Magic Shop Book and has a pile of books next to her bed that she could use as a night-stand!  I too am enjoying fantastic reads.  I am almost through To Kill a Mockingbird, and I have begun Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.

These 90 degree days often lead to nights with friends at the beach.  Picnic dinner, relaxing conversation, breathtaking sunsets, full moons rising.  It is my slice of heaven right here on earth.  

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