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Choosing a curriculum tailored to your child's needs and interests in one of the reasons I love homeschooling.  There is no other form of education that can offer an education based on the uniqueness of the individual.  I am continually amazed at the selection of products available to homeschool families. I am eternally grateful for the friends I have met in this "blogland" who have given their opinions, insight, advice and critique of many of the programs I have purchased.  

Here's to a wonderful year of learning!

Language Arts:
Writing: I hope to continue teaching classes to my girls and their friends that will span multiple genres of writing, including but not limited to: narrative writing, memoir, report, essay.  Classes will meet weekly and supplemented at home.  Girls will each keep a journal.

Moving Beyond the Page: each girl will choose at least three books to read and complete the accompanying unit guide.

Fearless Writing: Step by Step Instruction for Middle-School Writing series:
Creative Writing
Research Papers
Essay Writing

Analogies for Beginners: Book 1
Red Hot Root Words: Book 1

Vocabulary: Vocabulary development based on PSAT/SAT word list. 
Independent Reading: Whatever they are interested in so long as they cover many genres, audio books for listening in the car, author visits, bi-month library trips.  Girls will be participating One Book, One Town Program.  Book is Little Princes.  Will listen to audiobook and attend discussion sessions at local library.
Cursive/Poetry Study:  Poetry copywork

Blogging when the girls desire.


Key To Math Series
Life of Fred Elementary Series

Art/Fine Arts:
Weekly art journaling classes
Three week Manga Workshop for Lilah 
Artist Studies
Museum Trips 
Continuation of our Shakespeare study
as much live theater as possible
Piano Lessons and Composer Studies (Maestro Classics)

Apologia Flying Creatures
Nature Journaling/notebooking
Electric Circuitry (Snap Circuits taught by certified electrician)
Lego Engineering
Grace will attend Tri-State Meteorology Conference at Western Connecticut State University this fall
Grace will attend monthly Emergency Preparation Workshop to compliment her ongoing study of weather and meteorology.
Grace will listen to weekly podcast of Yale University Open Class: Atmosphere, Ocean and Environmental Change through iTunes U.

Story of the World: Vol 3 plus Activity Book
Book of Centuries
Grace will attend AP US History Class weekly.
Grace will attend US Government Class weekly (this is considered a high school level class)

weekly map work corresponding with Story of the World

Huckleberry Hill Project:
Girls will participate in experiential learning project where each will have the task of designing a project that will help make the world a better place.  Project management skills will be taught as well as classes in technology such as: web design, fund raising, business math, networking, blog writing, marketing, etc. 

Grace's project is to organize a benefit concert to be held at a local venue in which money will be raised to benefit communities recovering from a natural disaster.

Lilah is firming up her project plans.  Once determined, a percentage of her sales will benefit the WWF's protection of endangered Tigers.

Typing/Keyboarding Skills:
BBC Dance Mat Typing

Foreign Language:
American Sign Language through internet site: Lifeprint.com

Grace will be guest pianist for church's Teen Choir
year 3: dog walking job
Destination Imagination
year 4: piano lessons for Grace
year 2: piano lessons for Lilah
Recreation League Basketball

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