Friday, August 24, 2012

Adding to the bucket list....

Now that I have crossed an item off my bucket list (bookstore hopping in NYC), I am have already replaced it with another NYC dream.  I want to spend a day wandering New York armed with my iPhone and a Metro Card.   I want to spend a day taking iPhone pictures.  

New York is a photographer’s dream.  There is so much inspiration.  From the iron fire escapes to the graffiti, from the fountains and parks to the reflections of glass pane windows, with every step there is something itching to make your finger press the shutter button.  
I want to take this day trip with Kim who has taught me much about photography.  Her Instagram pictures are stunning.  She has even been approached on Instragram to enter into photo contests.  By studying her composition, her use of enlarging and her use of the filters, iPhone photography is becoming a passion of mine.  
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the weekend:

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