Monday, August 27, 2012

Birth Days

August 25th we celebrated the day my life was forever changed by the birth of a daughter.  We celebrate the birthday of the person by presenting them with gifts, cards and well wishes.  The birthday of my child is interwoven with my experience of their "birth day" and while I honor the father’s experience through participation in a birth, it is the mother whose lifeblood runs through the child connecting the two bodies and souls in a way that never will be truly separate.  
When my Nana was alive, my father would send her flowers every year on his birthday.  I never understood this as a child, but now, as a mother, oh my, this is so touching.
August 25th is Lilah’s birthday.  We spent the day honoring her arrival in this world. I spend each of my daughter’s birth days not only in celebration, but in reflection.  Each time I check my watch I know exactly what I was doing at that same time all those years ago.  6:00am, calling my Mom to come over and watch Grace.  7:00am checking into the Maternity Ward.  By 10:30 I had a beautiful baby girl in my arms.  My life was forever altered with the gift of a child to love, raise, care for, teach, honor, respect, and nurture all the days of her life.

We try out best to make birthdays a memorable experience for the entire family.  Much thought is put into what each child wants to do that day.  This year Lilah had a schedule, thoughtfully presented to me on her iPad of what she would like her day to be like from the moment her eyes fluttered open with anticipation of what is to come, until the weariness brought about by a fun filled day caused them to reluctantly close.

It was a good day...a very very good day.  It was a day filled with wish fulfillment, love and laughter.  It was a day spent in the company of those who not only live within my house, but live within my heart.  There is no greater gift that can be bestowed on this Mama than seeing the face of her child light up with pure joy on her birthday.

Happy Birth Day Lilah!

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